The Aftermath of the Oath taking Saga at Idemili Deity, Agulu Lake by Peter Obi and his godson, Obaze

Oluchi Okafor - We are the first to break the news of the high profile oath taking between the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi and his godson, Chief Oseloka Obaze which took place in the middle of the night at Agulu Lake.

Our outfit was surprised that the Personal Assistant to Peter Obi, Valentine Obienyem is trying to cover an expose from a Cabinet Chief in the prestigious Agulu Cabinet.
L-R: Oseloka Obaze, Peter Obi
The oath took place some minutes before 12midnight. Peter Obi came in a black Lexus Land cruiser in company of Oseloka Obaze and his maternal uncle, Nwaobu Alor.

Because Peter Obi was mad that his water tight midnight arrangement was exposed, it reflected in the fury with which the former Governor of Anambra State sent some thugs to Idemili Shrine on Saturday, the 9th of September, 2017 as never witnessed in the history of Agulu.

Over imported thirty blood thirsty hooligans were sent to Idemili Shrine at Agulu Lake to deal with the Chief Priest of the deity, Chukwudi Nwanweke Nkwalu.

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Peter Obi was furious that the Chief Priest exposed his evil plans against Anambra State by revealing what happened at his shrine to the Igwe of Agulu. Anybody close to Agulu Lake will confirm the unusual crowd that gathered there around 10am in the morning. When they could not find the Chrief Priest, they destroyed his Camry Car parked close to the yard of a construction site by the Lake.

Chief Nwaobu Alor was present at the Lake this morning to monitor proceedings.The threat to the life of the Chief Piest was reported to the security agencies by Igwe Agulu and they are currently investigating the assault and will soon make public their investigations and subsequent persecution.

One of the boys who were at the Lake today confirmed to our reporter that they were instructed to eliminate the Chief Priest of Idemmili. He said that they will continue searching for him until they kill him. As at the time of writing this report, the Chief Priest is still at large.

In getting to the root of this problem, our correspondence interviewed a renowned Psychologist, Mazi John Ugo. His explanation offered a professional touch to what will make Peter Obi to take Oseloka Obaze to Idemmili Shrine for oath taking.

He said thst people often behave out of character because they are desperate. Desperation can drive one to commit crime; even murder. It can motivate one to do extraordinary things and become extraordinarily violent. Desperation drives addiction. It impedes the thinking faculty of individuals because they are distracted by stress.

In this case of Peter Obi, he is so desperate of making Mr. Obaze governor so that he will once more get his claws on the treasury of Anambra State. This quest and other evil desire of getting even with current governor of Anambra State who refused to pay Peter Obi the sum of Seven Billion Naira of Anambra money has beclouded Mr. Obi's sense of reasoning that he is bent on enthroning his godson as governor of Anambra State come 18th November 2017 without thinking what the effect of swearing an oath at Idemmili Shrine would mean to them, Agulu people and Anambra as a State.

Today, people were surprised that Mr. Peter Obi could descend so low as to take a candidate of Peoples Democratic Party for the governorship election to a deity all in the bid to cage him.

Desperation has made Peter Obi to forget that he is a Papal Knight. He has sold his soul to the devil because he want to recoup the imaginary 7 Billion he alleged to have used in the last governorship election in Anambra State campaign. Also, at the Shrine, he raised the bar of godfather payment after campaign for Obaze by demanding 15 Billion Naira within four years if by chance he wins the governorship election.

As we await police investigation and trusting them to do their job, we will keep our readers posted on the biggest news trending in Nigeria now-The oath taking at Idemmili Shrine by Peter Obi and his  godson, Obaze who is contesting in the governorship election.

Desperate Peter Obi in his desperate situation has the capacity to do desperate things just be relevant in the political hemisphere of Anambra State. However, nemesis seemed to have caught up with him as all his wicked plans is been exposed by God of Anambrarians on daily basis.


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